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River water quality

Introduction: two types of water quality data:

We monitor water quality in two ways:

  • Collecting and analysing discrete water samples
  • Continuous monitoring

Discrete water samples

To meet different management requirements, the NSW Government conducts water quality investigations. Each investigation produces a separate dataset. 

Results from one dataset may not be compatible with results from another. Before making use of discrete sample data, it is important to review the purposes for which the data was originally collected, and determine whether it is fit for use for your purposes.

Discrete sample water quality data are not currently available via the Internet.

Data requests

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring is undertaken at sites in rivers across NSW. Water quality parameters such as temperature and electrical conductivity are monitored and available with other provisional river data such as water level and flow. 

Real time data

Access continuous data for the sites listed on the daily summaries via the Real Time Data application.

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Data are updated at approximately 11am on weekdays.

Each report contains daily summaries of continuous monitoring data recorded at approximately 6am Eastern Standard Time (unless otherwise stated) for a one week period.

The full Water quality information and data includes:

  • River report —
    daily totals for one week
    • Water Level (gauge height) [m]
    • Flow (discharge) [ML/day]
  • Lastest readings —
    single most recent value at each site
    • Water Level (gauge height) [m]
    • Flow (discharge) [ML/day]
    • Rainfall [mm]
  • Water quality —
    daily average values for one week
    • Flow [ML/day]
    • Water Temperature [°C]
    • Electrical Conductivity at 25°C
  • Storages
    • Percent full [%]
    • Elevation (storage gauge) [m]
    • Volume in storage [ML]
    • Hydro discharges [ML/day]
    • Spillway release discharge [ML/day]
    • Valve release discharge [ML/day]
    • Total release discharge [ML/day]
    • Rainfall [mm]
Index map of NSW Murrumbidgee Murray Lachlan Sydney Metro and South Coast North Coast Namoi Barwon-Darling Gwydir Border Rivers Macquarie Hunter

Algal information

NSW DPI Water publishes online Algal information


Historic data

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