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Hunter Integrated Telemetry System

What is HITS?

The Hunter Integrated Telemetry System, (HITS) is a data gathering system that uses radio and telephone to automatically collect realtime data from remote environmental monitoring sites in the Hunter Valley and Hunter Region.

The technology used is referred to as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, (SCADA) and is in widespread use throughout industry for applications ranging from industrial robots on an assembly line to automated irrigation on farms.

The sites monitored are referred to as ‘gauging stations' which are situated on river banks. They typically monitor: water level; water temperature; water salinity; and in some cases rainfall intensity. Some special sites called ‘discharge points' are also monitored. These are points in the river system that industry uses to pump water back into the river system.

HITS has been implemented by the NSW Government in order to better manage the river system so that all users, including the environment, benefit.

Data from the telemetered sites is used to: monitor water releases from dams; act as early Flood Warning; and to monitor discharge of saline water by industry into the river system.

The data is collected in 'realtime' (5-10 minute) intervals for radio sites, less frequently for telephone sites.

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