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NSW Water Information

Current NSW floods: demand on data during the current flood events is leading to extraordinary traffic on our webserver. You may find the the response times on the Real Time Data pages are very slow because processing delays. We suggest that you select NSW Daily River Reports and see the Latest readings section in each valley.

All times shown on this site are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10) unless marked otherwise.


River water levels and flows, storage elevations, volumes and discharges and continuously monitored salinity (electrical conductivity) from locations across New South Wales.
Updated daily.

Preformatted flow and height reports containing one week of data for selected river catchments.
Updated weekdays approximately 11am.

Daily flow and salinity in the Hunter River and information about the Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme.

Information about discrete sample water quality data, access to continuously monitored electrical conductivity and temperature, algal information

Collated information for NSW storages for the last week. Allocation information associated with storage for this season as well as a full allocation history.


Preformatted reports containing information about licensed water bores, well and excavations. Updated weekdays overnight.



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